Terms of Use

Ⅰ. Purpose and Scope

  1. Linchat’s objective is to provide social network application of internal community to businesses, organizations and schools. Through the cloud software technology and mobile APP services, improve business communication and coordination, exchange of ideas, teamwork, and efficiency of resource integration and reduce business costs effectively to have business owners and employees to reach win-win goal.
  2. While Using Linchat products (including relevant websites, cloud services, mobile APP), you agree to all the terms and are willing to be bound by all the terms stipulated. It also means that you agree to our privacy policy which explains our methods on members’ personal information.
  3. You agree to all of the legally binding agreement of use statement whether you are registered members or non-registered visitors while signing up for our Linchat products, or information provided by any Linchat product.
  4. If you do not agree to this Terms of Use, please do not register and do not browse, download or use any of the services and information provided by Linchat in any manner.

Ⅱ. Registration and Account

  1. You will need to register and establish an account in Linchat. This account gives you the access to its services and functions.
  2. Please fill out your personal information with correct and complete information. You cannot use another person’s account without the permission. You have full responsibility for any problems that occurred during the usage of your account.
  3. You need to fulfill the duty of confidentiality for your password. Linchat will not be responsible for your account due to unauthorized or improper use.
  4. You can edit your profile through personal settings. We will send you notification of the relevant services to your registered email.
  5. Linchat may stop the right to use the user's account for some reason at any time.

Ⅲ. Share your content and information

  1. Linchat allows users to post articles, feedback, comments, upload files, and other forms of information (that is, User Content). User need to be fully responsible for the information built on their own. Linchat server does not shoulder the responsibility of keeping contents or documents which uploaded by any users.
  2. Linchat will not review, share, distribute or reference to any user output content.
  3. When you publish content or information, you allow people with the same domain access or use the information and associate the information with you (such as your name and avatar photo).
  4. We always appreciate your feedback or other relevant recommendation about Linchat, but please understand that we have no obligation to provide you remuneration for these comments (as you have no obligation to provide recommendation).
  5. Linchat or user content will contain a number of third-party web site URLs, links, content and services which we cannot control. Users need to be responsible for their own risk for clicking the links of these third parties.

Ⅳ. Protection of the rights of others

  1. You will not post content or any action that infringes, violates the rights of others or violates the law on Linchat.
  2. You will not publish the identity documents of any person or sensitive financial information on Linchat.
  3. You must not post any content resulting damage to property of others or enticing others to commit a crime.
  4. You must not post any unlawful, harmful, abusive, racist and other inappropriate content.
  5. You must not post any content that you don't have legal right to publish.
  6. Linchat will not be responsible for any intellectual property for any content posted on Linchat.
  7. Your user content is likely to be used improperly by other people, and may make you exposed to inappropriate content. Linchat will not be responsible for your possible loss, damage.

Ⅴ. Safety

Linchat has designed adequate security mechanisms to protect your data from leakage.

Ⅵ. Copyright Notices

In addition to the content of external users, Linchat and all the software, web programming, data, images, text, graphics, logos, sound and music (collectively Linchat content), unless specifically authorized, may not be resold, rent, modified, distributed, copied, reproduced, transmitted, publicly displayed, adapted or any other related derivative behavior.

Ⅶ. Disputes

In the event of any dispute, the Taipei District Court will resolve any claim or cause of action litigation or dispute (claim) by this statement or caused by Linchat.

Ⅷ. Other

In the event of any dispute, the Taipei District Court will resolve any claim or cause of action litigation or dispute (claim) by this statement or caused by Linchat.