Enterprise Communication Social Network

Linchat connects related personnel internally and externally to communicate, share and cooperate instantly across regions, cultures and departments.

Task ManagementControl your project precisely

You can assign the tasks to team members through task management function. With the work discussion, automatic reminders, status tracking, Linchat keep you updated about the project status anytime.

Knowledge ManagementKeep your important asset

Knowledge management feature allows you to easily manage information and document files. No longer worry about losing any important information due to file loss or employee job leave.

Group ManagementCommunicate with the right people

Team members can quickly share information among each other through group management. Companies can make permission setting and group management according to the organization structure. Linchat can also be used for customer service management.

High Expansion

Linchat can integrate general office management software such as attendance record systems, financial systems and other systems for companies in different industries. Linchat can also be built with on-premise deployment method. All messages and files are stored in the self-management server of the enterprise. There’s no need to worry about the leak of confidential content.